After planting Embrace Church, I was frightened and excited about the possibility of taking on another project: the revitalization of an existing urban church.  Around that time, my wife Callie and I visited the Change the World conference sponsored by Ginghamsburg Church.  The conference opened my mind to countless possibilities for our new church revitalization, especially as I heard how God used Ginghamsburg to revitalize Ft. McKinley Church.  Callie and I felt inspired to bring back what we learned to Embrace Church.  While we were in Ohio, something inside of me felt like I was at home.  It was a strange feeling that I could not explain at the time.  I even had trouble verbalizing it to Callie, and for those of you that know me, I’m rarely at a loss for words.

together trotwoodAround the same time, I also reconnected with a dear friend of mine who is on faculty at United Theological Seminary (UTS) in Trotwood, Ohio.  I learned about the doctoral program they had for practitioners, and next thing you know I was enrolled.  The program at UTS has brought me to Trotwood, Ohio nearly a dozen times over the past 3 years.  Again, it was a strange inner feeling that I started to experience, but I felt God drawing me to Trotwood.

All of this culminated for me when I started to feel like my call at Embrace Church was complete, and the door opened to be on the ground floor of a new church start in Trotwood called The Point, which is a Ginghamsburg Church community.  Callie and I prayed long and hard about leaving our wonderful church, friends, and family, but knew this was clearly God’s call for this next season of our lives.

Currently, The Point is meeting on Saturday evenings at 5pm in a shopping center that is in direct partnership with the YMCA.  The opportunities are endless.  Our goal is to launch a Sunday morning service on Oct 4th.  God is moving, and it is a privilege to join in God’s work.