Picardo Coaching, LLC is a consulting group that helps church leaders plant faith communities and revilitalize existing congregations. We customize all of our services to meet your mission and goals and we strive to work within your financial limitations. As our culture and churches are in constant change it has become more imperative than ever for a pastor and church planter to be coached in Church Planting.

Our Services


Coaching: a one-on-one relationship between a pastor/lay person and an endorsed coach through which the person being coached has the opportunity to more deeply explore calling, ministry, and leadership skills necessary to lead a congregation to greater missional impact in its community.

As your coach I promise to: (1) Enter into each meeting prayerfully and open to the Holy Spirit. (2) Work to gain your full trust by listening intently, asking clarifying questions, and keeping strict confidentiality. (3) Help you explore God’s call for you—for today and for the future. (4) Offer observations that may be helpful to you, always in a loving way. (5) Offer knowledge and information that might be helpful. (6) Never offer “answers” unless they have been specifically requested, and even then will be shared only after your own answers have been fully explored.

  • Develop a timeline from conception to execution for a church plant or restart.
  • Assessing the planter/pastors ministry action plan based on the profile we gather.
  • A one-on-one personal phone call each month.
  • Unlimited emails.
  • Church Planting, Multisite – Rosario can spend 1-3 days with the church planter and their team taking them through a church planting boot camp.

Church Revitalization

Consultations last from 1-3 days and equip church leaders to motivate congregations, equip church leaders to implement change, and use resources more effectively. The client congregation will be expected to complete the audit or other significant research, prior to the on-site consultation. A final report will be presented and interpreted, and follow-up support can be arranged.

  • Ministry Audit – Customized consultation can design a unique process for your context using various resources and applying the experience and skill.
  • Worship Audit – The emphasis of the The Complete Worship Audit is on raising the level of welcome and hospitality of the congregation so that first time visitors and guests return again and again – and ultimately become active members in your congregation.

Long-term Planning

“Pray like it all depends on God; work like it all depends on you!” This was the sage advice a friend once offered. His pithy saying captures an important sense of balance, both recognizing our dependence on God and the obligations we have to invest ourselves fully in the tasks to which God calls us. Few would start a business or engage in a major expansion without careful planning, goal setting, and identifying means for assessing progress. Major efforts in church renewal and church planting deserve the same thoughtful and careful planning. That’s were our consulting services come in. With over 3 decades of experience in for profit, non-profit, and church settings, our team can help you plan for success from establishing mission/vision/values through plan implementation and review. Let us join with you in helping to realize the vision God has given you!

Church Branding + Design

The branding of your church is one of the most important aspects of a successful church plant. To communicate to your community you must be visible in it. Branding helps establish the personality of your church visually and will give visitors a sense of belonging even before they wall through your door. Then, good branding will help maintain communication with your members so they always know what’s happening.

A solid church branding package can include:

  • Branding your church. We’ll work with you to create a new logo and visual design language that clearly communicates who you are.
  • Revamping an existing website or designing a new one. This is how you can tell your story to new or potential visitors and communicate with those who attend regularly.
  • Domain name purchase and hosting. We’ll help you find a domain name that either matches your church name exactly, or something that creatively connects with your branding.
  • Ongoing sermon series graphics. This can include graphics for your website and bulletins, PowerPoint or ProPresenter slides, mailers and more.
  • E-newsletters and Social Media. We can provide you with a branded email template and an email campaign account so you can communicate weekly, monthly or quarterly with your attendees. We can also help you establish and brand your social media accounts to create consistency and another place for you to communicate what’s happening at your church.
  • Printing Services. If you need a suggestion for where to get something printed, we have relationships with great vendors who offer great pricing and provide excellent printing services to our clients.