Many of us grow up learning about the miraculous abilities of Jesus, not least of which is walking on water. As children, it’s awesome to think about these miracles, and we do so almost in the same way we regard the feats of Superman or Batman.

What we don’t consider as children listening to these stories are the miracles accomplished in the minds and hearts of those nearest to Jesus, those who witness Jesus’ superpowers firsthand. Consider the difference between watching a superhero’s complete transformation on TV (especially accustomed as we are today to ever-expanding CGI capabilities), and watching a beloved teacher actually walking toward us on the water.

Now imagine that teacher beckons you towards him.

The difference between the Sunday school view and the reality for Jesus’ disciples is this: fear … but also, the awesome potential to experience how God will work through us.

If we put ourselves in Peter’s position, we can begin to understand that Jesus’ miracle of walking on the water was less about what Jesus can do, and more about what he can do through us—if we have faith.

Peter and the other disciples were in their boat, in the dark, during a storm, unsure where Jesus was or what their next move was supposed to be. Then they see what looks like a ghost, walking toward them through the wind and water, on top of the sea. As if that wouldn’t be scary enough, Jesus then bids Peter out on the water.

During this episode, Peter grapples with a whole host of emotions. What he is left with, however, is the understanding that Jesus truly can do anything through his disciples, so long as we don’t rest on our own abilities, knowledge, and understanding.

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I’d love to hear your stories as well. When has Jesus amazed you with his abilities, then asked you to participate in his plan? What were your initial thoughts, and how did you respond?