How often do you get the sense that you’re stuck in a rut? Once a year? Every few years? Every other day?

Some of us enjoy routine, so when we have a good thing going, we may not notice that we’ve turned life on autopilot. Or … we may be okay with autopilot.

Others enjoy mixing it up and trying new things, but may not realize that hopping from opportunity to opportunity is a different side of the same coin. Autopilot for these individuals looks a lot different, but it still boils down to an unexamined existence.

Jesus calling Peter out of the boat to walk on the water serves as a great metaphor for our daily lives as Christians. Although Peter had enough to be afraid of beforeJesus beckoned him out on the water, at least then he was still inside his trusty boat! He had spent hours and hours of his life inside that boat. He probably knew every inch of it, every knot of wood, exactly how it moved on the waves.

So the choice to walk towards Jesus on the water was not just a question of Peter’s faith in Jesus. It was also a matter of willingness to leave what was comfortable to him.

The beauty of this story is that each element contains a literal meaning, and a deeper, more figurative meaning. Peter’s choice to leave his boat carried the extra significance of proving to himself and the other disciples that every day, from this point forward, again and again, they would have to choose to step outside whatever had previously been comfortable to them, to new, uncharted territory Jesus was calling them to.

What if we tried this metaphor of stepping out of our boats on every morning when we put our feet on the ground?

What would it mean to see each day as uncertain and new, and not at all something we were qualified to handle, yet guided by Jesus?

For so many of us, life is a series of checklists and schedules, slots on a calendar. But Jesus calls us to adventure every day. Tomorrow, on your way to dropping your kids off at school or as you head into the office, try asking Jesus how you can walk on water towards him today, and see what you hear back. The response may not defy the laws of physics as we know them, but all the same, Jesus will pull you out of your boat and onto the water if you ask him to. And he’ll sustain you on top of the sea if you let him.

When did you last realize you were stuck in a rut? What did you do to step out of the boat?

When did Jesus call you out on the water?

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